Interview: Types of Questions

There are three type of interview questions that you have a high chance of encountering.

  1. Standard questions
  2. Behavioral based questions
  3. Out of Thin Air questions

I would say the easiest type of questions that you can get asked are your typical “Standard” questions. These type of questions, are what show up when you Google interview questions. These are questions that you can definitely prep for and have the advantage. Let’s go over a few.

  • What are your expectations about this position? They want to know if you actually know what you are applying for, there have been situations where applicants have no idea what they applied for.
  • What do you know about our organization? Yes, you may have applied to over 10 organizations. But the organization that chooses to interview you-do your homework. Why choose that organization? What makes them different then from any other organization. They need to know that you want their organization, that you have reasons why you choose them.
  • What are some of your strengths? Weaknesses? Look at the job recommendations and tie in your own applicable strengths .
  • Why did you leave your last job?

These are just a few “samples” of questions that you may be asked and to get yourself started. I’ve been asked to compile more of a formal short and to the point tips and tricks for the interview process. Hopefully, soon I will have that up on my blog! Thanks!


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