Pediatric Cardiology and I

Pediatric cardiology. Sounds death gripping, pee in your pants, terrifying doesn’t it?

Sweaty palms, increase in blood pressure, complete anxiety stricken. Yes, that was me. My world was turned upside down. I am a medical-surgical pediatric nurse. My specialty is knowing a glass-full of everything. Maybe even a pitcher full. The perfect way I describe a pediatric medical surgical nurse-they are the epitome of a medical dictionary. Let’s get back to my point (I get side tracked rather easily), Pediatric cardiology was not my forte. Yet, that is the world I chose to step into as a pediatric Cardiovascular Acute Care nurse. It fascinated me, like any child who wanted to learn how to ride a bike. But before riding off into the sunset with streamers attached, and maybe a squeaky horn on the handle bars. I needed training wheels. Did you catch that?

***T-R-A-I-N-I-N-G W-H-E-E-L-S***

Well nursing training wheels that is. I needed a source, rather a quick refresher and a way to successfully become “specialized”. Oh, all of your cardiac nurses, that breath and live it, my level of respect and awe doesn’t quite capture the remarkableness (is that even a word?) of all that you do on a daily basis. People just do not understand unless you’ve walked a unit in those Danskos. Ok, back to my training wheels. I needed to make sure that I found the perfect book. The book that everyone raves about. Especially if I was going to pay for it. I asked everyone what they recommended. What I found to be an absolute heaven sent is a quick reference hand pocket book. Everyone and anyone had this tucked away. Even the most experience nurses had a copy of this book. What about physicians? Even the physician residents, I have seen carry this book.

So what is this infamous book that I keep carrying on about? It’s called the Illustrated Field Guide to Congenital Heart Disease and Repair – Pocket Sized . This book was my nursing set of training wheels. This book helped me keep up and quickly learn what I needed to know in regard to some of the major pediatric congenital diseases. This book helped and and still does.

If you are reading this, you too are looking for your first set of nursing training wheels. I do hope this book can make your journey just a little bit on the easier side. It helped me prevent many lets eat the whole tub of ice cream type of evenings. If you too have any recommendations on books or gold sources of knowledge that have helped you on your cardiac journey-please feel to comment below!


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